What brand concept for our company?

The Sohyang Laporis Brand Concept is ‘’ Beginning of Natural Beauty” and “ Skin Care Solution” for all ladies .


What we need to focus on face solution ?

A lot of women pursue the goal of a healthy and youthful skin. Sohyang Laporis assist women using natural way to achieved their beauty face skin goal. Sohyang Laporis will consulting for customer and do testing of different kind of customised skin. Meanwhile, we focuses on analysis in different forms for unique skin types and to do completed skin solution for customer.


What kind of product do we have ?

We have Moisturizer collection. Sohyang Laporis Cosmetic Home Moisturizer Collection Sohyang Laporis Cosmetic Home Sensitive Skin Care Collection, Sohyang Laporis Cosmetic Home O2 Hydro Boost Skin Care Collection , Sohyang Laporis Home Anti-Aging Skin Care Collection.


What kind of treatment we provide for customer ?

We provide Brightening Skin Management, Anti-aging Skin Management,O2 Hydro Boost Skin Management,Sensitive Skin Management and Scalp Care Management.


How to booking appointment?

Fist Step: Customer can directly calling to 6238 1162/6876 0053 to make a appointment getting first trial. Second Step: we would recommend that you speak to our receptionist first for a more in-depth understanding of our treatments before booking an appointment. Lastly, we need customer provide full name and phone number and treatment subject to remind customer appointment.


Customer can just walk in or Is it necessary to book an appointment ?

We strongly suggest against walking in without first making an appointment. As our slots may be fully booked, it is recommended that you call us to check our availability before coming down.


If customer need to cancel appointment what is the procedure?

If customer have some personal reason need canceling an appointment, please early one day to informing us and re-booking or reschedule new appointment with us. And we are thankful customer for your understood for our easier


Our location ?

180 Kitchener Road, City Square Mall, #B2-35/36, Singapore 208539, Farer Park MRT Station (NE8),Exit I


Will customer suitable to all treatments?

We would recommend that customer have skin properly evaluated by our beautician before deciding on a skin management. Each one of Sohyang Laporis Skin Management Treatments is specially designed to cater to specific skin conditions and skin concerns. Certain Skin Management treatments, while effective, may be too harsh for those with sensitive skin. During evaluation, do inform your beautician of any allergies or concerns you may have


What if I lose a personal item at the Sohyang Laporis?

We regret that we cannot be responsible for loss or damage of personal articles. Please keep all valuables with you during your service.